Prescient Health


Creating a potent mental shorthand for a R&D-stage clinical mental health startup.
Prescient Health is a startup in the mental health space. They are developing a gamified clinical tool for detecting cognitive patterns indicative of changes in mental health. We were asked to create a name for this team, to appear cohesive and confident as they approach their audience: representatives from institutional investors.

We delivered:

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“Throughout the process, Peter fostered an inclusive and collaborative atmosphere.”

Colleen Charlton
CEO, Prescient Health

As a member of the Prescient Health team, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Peter on key branding and marketing initiatives. Most notably, Peter led us through a structured naming process for both our parent company, Prescient Health, and our mobile app, MindMetrics, which features gamified cognitive tasks to identify suicidal thoughts and behaviors.


From the very beginning, Peter demonstrated a keen understanding of the importance of a strong and impactful brand name. He led a brainstorming session where we explored words and concepts that were relevant to our value proposition, always encouraging team input and collaboration. Peter guided us in narrowing down our favorites, ensuring that the chosen names—Prescient Health for the company and MindMetrics for the product—effectively conveyed our start-up’s value.


Throughout the process, Peter fostered an inclusive and collaborative atmosphere. He also contributed to the visual branding of Prescient Health, creating visually engaging pitch decks that effectively communicated our brand message. Peter’s contributions have played a significant role in the development and the strengthening of Prescient Health’s identity.

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