Mind Matters.

In other words:

Our view is that reaching the hearts of an audience requires understanding the minds of that audience. Mind science can help us predict what will and what won’t work.

We apply our mind-centred approach in a variety of creative contexts, from marketing to the arts.


Distilling the promise of a R&D-stage clinical mental health startup.
Prescient Health

Film Score

Anticipation and atmosphere: matching vibes to visuals for a silent short horror film.

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We come from backgrounds where we researched the mind.

Our mind-centred approach to communications and experiences considers the science of the senses, emotions, memory and much more.

“Mind Matters’ wonderful work on the film deserves attention. It contributes immeasurably to help make the film a truly special experience.”

We believe in using a critical lens to examine everything we expect audiences to consume.

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